Michelle Shipley Staff Photo

I graduated College from UTC in 2012 with a bachelor's in elementary education. I had a minor in women's studies and theater. I also pursued a license to teach grades k-8. My intentions are to also get a license for 9-12. I hope to one day go back to school and get a masters degree, although, I am not sure in what just yet.


This is my fourth year teaching in Hamilton County. I was a 5th grade teacher at Brown International Academy. I have taught 3rd grade and now two years in 2nd grade at East Side Elementary. Prior to that, I did student teaching in Kindergarten and second grade at McConnell Elementary. In my second year of college I did some pre-student teaching in first and third grade at Normal Park Museum Magnet. I have also worked in an after school tutoring program and summer camp.


My name is Michelle Shipley. I got married May 3, 2014 and now have a baby girl due in January of 2016. I grew up in Memphis, TN and came to Chattanooga to learn about myself and get some independence. I love this city and this school. When I got here I became a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority and joined the choir. Both of these activities taught me a lot about myself and what I value as important. I have always been a person that loves children and loves to be around them. If I am having the worst day in the world, then being around kids completely changes that for me. This past two summers I spent time working at the Northside Neighborhood House in North Chattanooga. I was placed in charge of the Math program and the cooking program for the entire group. The children ranges from grades K through 8. It was the best two summers of my life. I learned so much about myself as a teacher and what things work and what do not. I have some long term goals that I want to achieve while I am a teacher. The first one would be to use music in the classroom to teach. I think that the arts are very important and are a good way of learning, so I am in the process of learning how to play the guitar, in hopes that I can use it on a daily basis in my classes. I also am a women's studies minor and I hope to start a program in schools to help young girls with their self esteem images. I have a lot of dreams for this world and I think that the only way that they can be accomplished is through the education system. Children will grow up to either benefit or hinder the world and I think teachers are that deciding factor.