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Other Class Info

Important Class Information  


Please partner with us to make sure that each child receives the best learning opportunity available.


Our focus this year will be on maximizing our learning time to ensure that your child has learned as much as possible and is ready for middle school. In our class we want to make sure that we are always being a PROUD pioneer. This means ALWAYS being respectful, prepared, on task, and monitoring our voice levels.


One of our goals this year will be to help your child become the leader we know they were meant to be. Be sure to ask your child what habit we are working on, and try to help her/him with these habits at home.

Important Information

Changing classes:



In order to help prepare your child for middle school next year, he/she will be working with another teacher this year. Your child will be in my class for Reading, Writing and Language Arts. For Math, Science and Social Studies, he/she will be with Mrs. McElwain, who is next door to my room.



A weekly "Monday Memo" is sent home by Tuesday of each week by the 5th  

grade teachers. It contains important reminders, updates, and information about upcoming events at the school. Occasionally I will send out additional information that is specific to our class.

You should expect your child to bring home graded papers bi-weekly. Sometimes things might get a little hectic,


but if you have not seen any graded papers within a two-week period, please contact me. Please do not wait until report cards because then it is too late.

Students will be given make up options for assignments with low grades within a 2-week period. After 2 weeks, the grade will stand.

Progress Reports will come out about 4 weeks into each quarter

Absences/Make Up If your child has to be out of school, please make sure to send a note or excuse with them when they return. Please encourage your child to get their make-up work and turn it in as soon as possible to ensure they receive credit.

Agendas:  The student agenda will be used to write daily homework assignments and for communication between home and school. Please check for homework and notes from me and initial the agenda EACH night. I will be checking for notes from home and your initials in the agenda every morning. Also check your student’s homework folder for homework and other important information that may be sent home during the week.

Homework Policy: Once we get the school year started, expect nightly Homework!  Some Homework assignments for the week will be sent home on Mondays and posted on my webpage. However, weekly and daily homework assignments will be written in the student’s agenda. Please check your child’s agenda EVERY night and sign it. This is part of their homework assignment.

Homework is an important practice for the students, and they will be held accountable for it daily, as part of their grade. Part of the nightly homework will be to read 20 minutes Monday – Thursday. The students can log their Reading in their agenda each night and parents can initial. Graded papers and a progress report on behavior will be from the previous week.

Conduct: To track and reward behavior, our school uses a school-wide behavior system. Each student starts the day on green and may move up to blue and then orange as they earn these colors, or may move down to yellow or red for misbehaviors. In order to facilitate communication between school and home, the fifth grade teachers use a site called classdojo to track behaviors. This site allows you, as a parent, to see how your child is doing in class. Signing up is free and easy, and information on the signup process will be coming home separately.


The students’ daily points will deter-mine what color they end on for the day. The following is the point scale:


Orange = 5 and up


Blue = 2, 3, 4


Green = -1, 0, 1


Yellow = -2


Red = -3 and below


Our behavior is a very important part of being successful. The better our behavior is, the more we will be able to learn. We will not tolerate any student interfering with his or her own learning or another student’s learning.