East Side Elementary School



Dear East Side Student and Parent,

Enclosed you will find information about East Side Elementary

School that will help you to have a successful year. Follow the

handbook, work hard, and excel! Good luck!

School Expectations:

Be Safe
Be On Task
Be Accountable
Be Respectful






All visitors of East Side Elementary are asked to immediately sign in at the office and receive a visitor's pass. Visitors must have a photo ID to sign in and dismiss students.


The following will result in a suspension of at least a calendar year:

1. Possession of a Firearm and or Explosive or Incendiary or Poison Gas device.

2. Striking a School Employee or School Resource Officer

3. Unlawfully possession any controlled Substance or Drug.

The following may result in a calendar year suspension:

1. Possession of a Knife, any device with a sharp blade or any device capable of injuring or disabling another individual.

2. Possessing, transferring, or receiving Drug Paraphernalia, "look-a-like" Drugs or Non- Prescription Drugs.

The above includes possession on school property, a school bus or a school-sponsored activity and may be reported to local law enforcement officials.


Students are not allowed to utilize their cell phones during ANY part of the school day. If the child does bring a cell phone to school, the phone should not be visible throughout the entire school day; your child will not be permitted to make any personal calls on their phones in the school building. If you need to reach your child for any emergency during the school day please contact the school directly.


All schools in Hamilton County will be a smoke-free environment. Smoking will not permitted within fifty (50) feet of the building.



Every student is expected to be in attendance every day. Regular attendance affects achievement.


Hamilton County Department of Education Board Policy (6.200)

The following legal reasons for excusing a student from attending school:


Personal Illness - Students may be excused who are sick and whose attendance would be detrimental to their health and the health of other students. According to HCDE policy we may only accept three (3) parent excuses. All others must be written by a physician. More than three (3) parent excuses for illness will be recorded as unexcused absences


Death in Immediate Family - Students may be excused for three days in the event of a death in their immediate families including mother, father, step-parent, brother, sister, or grandparent. Extenuating circumstances may require a longer period of excused absence


Family Illness - Students having an illness in the family which requires them to give temporary help will be excused from attendance after receipt of a physician’s statement concerning the necessity of the student’s assistance.


Religious Holiday - Students shall be excused on special or recognized religious holidays regularly observed by that particular faith. Prior approval is required should these days occur while school is in session.


Personal - Students who are absent for a good cause (doctor or dental appointments which cannot be scheduled at times other than school hours, court appearances, etc.) may be excused upon proof of appointment. Prior approval by parent or guardian, and the principal or his /her designee is required.


Approved School-Sponsored Activities - Students shall be marked present when participating in a school-sponsored activity away from the school building.




Students are allowed to enter the building by 7:25 am each morning to eat breakfast if they choose. Parents must present a photo ID to dismiss their students.


Bell Schedule

7:25-7:55am (Breakfast) 8:00am (1st Bell Rings)

8:05am (Tardy Bell Rings)


Tardiness will not be tolerated as it consistently detracts from the time spent on task. All students who are not in the classroom by 8:05 am shall be marked tardy. A parent or guardian must accompany their child to the office and sign in the student. Students and parents should understand that three tardies per year would be treated as one absence for report card purposes and for awarding perfect attendance.


Dismissal Procedures: No student will be dismissed from the office after 2:25 PM. Multiple early dismissals without a doctor excuse may result in a recorded absence.

Car Riders:

1. Students will be called for dismissal at 2:55pm.

2. The teachers on car rider duty will escort students outside.

3. All students are expected to sit in their designated grade level area.

4. Teachers should stand in front of the area and supervise students.

5. Students should stand when their name is called for dismissal.

6. All parents must remain in cars and wait in the car line. Teachers on

duty will load cars. This is a safety issue for everyone.

7. Students must be picked by 3:15. If students are repeatedly picked up after this time, the Chattanooga Police Department may be contacted and the parent reported.


1. Will be called for dismissal at 2:55pm.

2. All students will exit the building through the main rear hallway at Kelley Street.

Siblings meet inside fence area and exit gate together.

For families who wish to accompany their student(s) home from school: we have established a walker dismissal option at the back entrance of the school on Kelly Street for your convenience. In order to prioritize the safety of all students, we kindly ask parents picking up younger students to form a line along the fence, allowing older students to pass by without having to step onto the street.
Given the high level of activity on the streets surrounding our school, it is of utmost importance that we maintain a secure environment. Therefore, we must emphasize that all walkers proceed directly home and refrain from getting in cars parked on the side of the street or at the store at the corner of Kelly and Main Street. For parents who prefer to pick up their students by car, a designated area at the front of the building is available for car rider dismissal. (The car rider line is a quick and efficient way to pick up your child in the afternoon! Teachers & staff are on hand to help your student into your vehicle safely for the ride home. While the line does look long at times, please know that it does move very quickly.)
Remember the following:
1. Walk at a steady pace—running is strictly prohibited.
2. Obey the instructions provided by the crossing guards.
3. Walk directly home after school.
We appreciate your cooperation in upholding the safety of our students.

Daycare Buses:

Students will be called for dismissal at 2:55. K-2 students will assemble near restroom in main hallway and be escorted to the bus driveway by designated teacher. Students in grades 3-5 will report to the bus driveway under supervision of teachers on duty in the hallways.

Bus Riders:

1. Students will be called for dismissal at 2:55.

2. K-5 students report to designated classrooms based on grade level.


School Bus Expectations

ALL Students are expected to act responsibly on the bus and at the bus stop. If these expectations are not met, a referral will be written by the bus driver and given to school administrators. The school bus expectations are as follows and these expectations apply to BOTH the bus and the bus stop.

1. Respect the bus driver and other students.

2. Use proper language and volume.

3. NO fighting.

4. Once on the bus, sit facing forward at all times and do not get up until the bus is completely stopped.

Change of Transportation

If the student's regular afternoon mode of transportation changes during the day, please call the school office no later than 2:15 pm to notify the school of the change of transportation.


Hamilton County School Board Policy states that medications should be limited to those required during school hours and necessary to maintain the child in school. School nurses or other non-medical school personnel designated by the school principal should administer medications. Medication must be brought to the East Side office by a parent or guardian in the original prescription bottle and refilled in like manner. No medication is to be brought to or from school by the student.


Head Lice

Any child who has been sent home with head lice must return nit (egg) free. Also, parents are required to accompany their child/children to the office for a recheck of their child's hair. If live lice or nits are present on the child's head the child will be sent back home until they are nit free.



Student insurance is available to all enrolled children. Applications are sent home with their enrollment packet. If additional copies are needed, please check in the front office.


Accidents or illnesses

In case of accidents or illness, the school will follow these procedures:

1. The school nurse will contact the student’s parents or guardians if they can be reached. Please ensure we have the correct number.

2. Contact other persons listed on the student’s registration card.

3. Call family physician, Emergency Medical Response Team 911, or local hospital.



Be Safe

Be On Task

Be Accountable

Be Respectful



Recess should be a happy time for children and adults. These are the guidelines for keeping everyone safe.

1. Use equipment responsibly.

2. Be respectful of students and adults.

3. Stay inside boundaries.

4. Keep hands and feet to yourself.

Cafeteria Expectations:

  1. - Remain seated during mealtime.
  2. - Engage in conversations at the designated volume indicated by the cafeteria monitor (typically a level 2).
  3. - Demonstrate responsibility by tidying up your eating area.
  4. - Use walking feet.
  5. - Practice good manners by remembering to say please and thank you to the cafeteria staff.
    - Refrain from bringing candy or sugary beverages to school.
  6. - Respect personal space by keeping your hands to yourself.
  7. - Foster a healthy environment by refraining from sharing food to prevent the spread of germs.
  8. - Politely raise your hand when assistance is required.
  9. - Cooperate with the instructions provided by the supervising cafeteria monitor.




Teachers give homework for three reasons: 1) to review and practice the work that has been covered in class, 2) to check for understanding, and 3) to help parents understand what children are doing in school.

Assume that you will have homework every night. Have a set time for

homework so that you will remember to do it every night. If you don't have any homework, make this time a study time- read a story, practice math facts, use flash cards, look up a topic of interest, or write about your day.

Have a quiet area to work. Turn off the TV, radio, and other distractions.

DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK! Your teachers want to know what you know not what another family member knows. If you need help, ask and let them show you and then do the rest on your own. This will help you learn independence and responsibility.

When homework is completed, ask someone to look over it.

Every night, read or be read to for a MINIMUM of 20 minutes from a book of your choice. More time is encouraged!

Your assignments should be written in your daily homework folder. Show your assignments to your parents so they can see what you are doing and initial that they have seen it.



East Side Elementary School has adopted the following school uniform:

Listed below are the updated dress code guidelines for East Side Elementary. School Administration reserves the right to determine if a student’s dress is not appropriate for school.


1. SOLID pants and jeans can be worn daily. There should be no holes or rips.

2. SOLID knee length shorts and skirts are allowed. Gym shorts are excluded.

3. SOLID shirts are worn ALL WEEK.

4. Shirts must be tucked in when students enter the school building.


6. No hats or hooded sweatshirts ( temperature may warrant the use of a cover from time to time.)

7. No joggers, sweats or running pants are allowed.

8. Tights are allowed under a skirt and may be any color or pattern.

9. No baggy pants may be worn.

10. Belts must be worn if pants are loose.

11. If a student earns a dress down pass, the pass must be presented to the teacher upon arrival in the classroom.


Teachers will make initial contact to notify parents if students are not in uniform. Teachers may call for a change of clothing. If the problem becomes consistent, the student will be sent home unexcused.



Grading Scale

93-100 A Excellent

85-92 B Good

75-84 C Average

70-74 D Below Average

0-69 F Unsatisfactory

Academic Excellence

Students who earn all A's for a nine week period will be on the Star Roll. Students who earn A's and B's for a nine-week period will be on the Honor Roll. Perfect attendance and citizenship awards will also be given out each nine-week period.



Report Cards

Report cards will be given out every nine weeks. Progress reports will be given after four and one half weeks of each grading period.


Textbook Care

Students will be required to pay for any textbook damaged or lost. Report cards will be held until the debt is paid.



Inclement Weather

Check your local news and radio stations for school closings. School Messenger will also send you a message on your phone, updating you on the status of school days. Please make sure we have your correct phone number.


It is imperative that you keep your contact information updated with the office throughout the school year. School Messenger is a messaging system used to keep you informed of all the events and important things happening at East Side and without the correct phone numbers, we will not be able to get you this important information.


Child Abuse

Tennessee law requires that any person who knows or has reason to suspect that a child has been abused, report the allegation to the statewide hotline number, the local Department of Children’s Services or local law enforcement. The statewide hotline number is 1-877-542-2873.

Sexual Harassment Policy

Sexual harassment shall be defined as conduct, advances, words, or gestures of a specific sexual nature or words which are commonly accepted to have a sexual connotation which interferes with another students’ work or educational opportunities, or the performance of a school employee or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive learning or working environment.

Parent Portal

Power School's external interface gives parents/guardians and students access to real-time information including attendance, grades and detailed assignment descriptions, school bulletins, lunch menus, and even personal messages from the teacher. More information will be provided to you for login purposes.


This student/parent handbook is also available on line. The web address is www.hcde.org. Under the school listings, you will click East Side Elementary and be directed to our school website.

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