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March and the last months of the year


News from the Principal!


As we March into the last few months of the year, I want to thank East Side parents for getting more involved

in their child’s/children’s education this year.  With great success, each grade level has participated in special events and invited parents to attend. All have been successful.

Some activities included classes reading activities, students competing against

parents in math and science. The turnout for these events was phenomenal.

Besides these activities in the classroom, we had an extremely large turnout for our Super Foods Night. As we move into the spring months, you should be hearing from your

student’s teacher again to invite you to come to East
Side and participate with your child for our Spring
Carnival May 15 and our Field May 8.

I ask that you come and participate and show your children that you are a partner with
East Side

and that together, great things are possible.