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September 20, 2013

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of your child's day? It provides the nutrients and energy he/she needs to concentrate in school. Research even shows that kids who eat breakfast get better grades, pay more attention in class, and behave better. Help your youngster begin his day on the right foot.

HCDE food service provides FREE breakfast for every student enrolled at East Side Elementary through December. Breakfast begins every morning @ 7:25 a.m.. If you are unable to get your student here before 7:50 please make time at home. Make the breakfast healthy. Make it kid friendly.

Read 20 minutes every day! We are part of an exciting initiative sponsored by the city. We were very fortunate to have received $10,000 dollars to purchase books for our school. We received these funds because our students read more pages than any other participating school. We are trying to secure the same recognition this coming May. We will only be successful if you encourage your youngsters to read 20 minutes every day, record what was read, and sign the reading record. We want to be the Millionaire Readers of Chattanooga again. We need your help.

Progress reports were sent home recently. Please review the reports to determine if your students are in need of your extra attention to complete assignments at home. Some may require that you designate a specific time each evening for homework and reading. If you require a meeting with the teacher, please call to schedule @ 493-7780.

 Nominate East Side Elementary's teachers for these three.  Sunny 92.3 Teacher of Month  WTVC Newschannel 9 Educator of Week  WDEF News 12 Golden Apple Award

Remember to call the office with any concerns. 493-7780